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Sunday Morning Prayer
9:00 AM
Sunday School
9:30 AM
Sunday Morning Worship
11:00 AM

Tuesday Prayer
7:00 PM
Tuesday Bible Study
7:30 PM

Thursday Prayer
7:00 PM
Thurs. Pastoral Teaching
7:30 PM


Transportation is available to all services.  If you are in need of a ride please call 850.656.3940 or Click Here to send an email request. If you need directions

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  Broadcast Schedule
It's that time again to tune into the Life Changers radio broadcast every Tuesday & Friday at 11:00AM / WTAL 1450AM.  Click Here to listen www.wtal1450.com.

Empowering people to live victorious and successful lives!

Welcome to Life Changers Enhancement Ministries.  Each ministry is dedicated to inspire, encourage and provoke to excellence of service.

To contact a Team Leader click on the associated ministry.

The ministry is designed to:
bullet To encourage, instruct, and provide fellowship for women. To encourage women to live to the best of their ability; holy & committed lives to God.
bullet To provoke women through fellowship to develop close binding relationships with their peers.
bullet To work cooperatively with local agencies and organizations, to assist women outside of the immediate ministry with specific needs.
bullet Encourage women to work at their fullest potential in achieving any personal and spiritual goals
Building the spiritual and moral character of the men in order to become "Men of Valor." The ministry is designed to:
bullet To establish a strong committed and dedicated life of love for God, prayer, bible study, and fasting.
bullet To promote & encourage commitment, dedication and to live for the vision and ministry of Life Changers.
bullet To be encouraged and generate a desire for each man to become more faithful and consistent in rendering help to the Pastor.
bullet To operate effectively as a department within the ministry of Life Changers.
bullet To develop and enhance leadership skills.
bullet To strengthen the bonds of brotherhood and fellowship amongst the men of Life Changers.

"Planting today for a Future Harvest...Tomorrows Leaders"
bullet The Youth Ministry is a vibrant, training auxiliary that exists to equip our youth with the necessary training to live a prosperous and victorious life in Jesus Christ.
bullet The Youth Ministry has designed, developed, and implemented programs and ministry opportunities that have accommodated the spiritual needs of our youth. Rallies, workshops, and pertinent seminars are tools that have been used to effectively teach our youth how to apply the Word of God in their lives.
bullet This ministry uses innovative methods to insure that our youth become valued resources to their families, churches, and communities. Our goal is to teach them how to become self-sustaining productive citizens, without compromising Godly principles.
bullet The Youth Ministry is perpetuating an equipping ministry of excellence to prepare our youth for worldwide ministry. Each and every member of our ministry will function as concerned, skilled, youth leaders to carry out the vision of this department, and enable our youth to live Godly and fulfilling lives.



The Ministry of Helps maintains an atmosphere of reverence and order before, and after the service: to be the outstretched hands of the Pastor, welcoming everyone that enters that they may feel at liberty to praise ad worship the Lord.

The Ministry of Helps is designed:
bullet To share the love of Christ with everyone that enters the doors.
bullet To encourage everyone to maintain a holy reverence for the House of God.
bullet To hold consistent in-house training classes, teaching the importance of the "Ministry of Helps" and reverence for God and His house.
bullet To offer consistent training classes on a local, state, and a national level.
bullet To encourage those working under this ministry to live holy and committed lives unto God.


The Education Ministry at Life Changers is responsible for overseeing the spiritual learning within the body. Life Changers is a preaching and teaching ministry. One of the most powerful claims to the Bible's infallibility, inerrancy, and authority is its effectiveness. One of the best things about being a preacher and a teacher of God's word is that you know it will do what it says it will do. You are not left worrying about what you will say when your product doesn't work.

The Christian Education Ministry  is designed to:
bullet To To encourage, provoke and admonish the members to study to show themselves approved unto God.
bullet To engage in workshops and seminars geared toward the enhancement of spiritual knowledge and growth in the word. {When you know God's Word thoroughly, you will not accept a teaching simply because someone has used one or two isolated verses to support that teaching; in fact, those verses could have been taken out of context.} Therefore, our goal is to provoke the members to reach regularly and extensively and become more familiar with the whole counsel of God's word, and therefore, be able to discern whether a teaching is biblical or not.
bullet To encourage others to believe that Bible study is much more than an intellectual classroom exercise. It is however, a life-transforming process.
bullet Provide necessary information and instructional guidelines for all teachers.

Other operating entities within the Education ministry include:
bullet To encourage others to believe that Bible study is much more than an intellectual classroom exercise. It is however, a life-transforming process.
bullet Provide necessary information and instructional guidelines for all teachers.







Anointed vessels dedicated to serving, giving and spreading joy and hope in the community.  A committed to ministering.  As a ministering arm of the church, the Evangelism team implements needed services that will cater to the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the community.  Ministering at prisons, Juvenile facilities, Feeding the Homeless, Home Care Ministry, Matty Clark Evangelical Care Ministry are just a few of the auxiliaries under the umbrella of the Evangelism Ministry.

A ministering body of worship leaders, dedicated to ushering in the presence and anointing of God.  These group of psalmist, musicians, and worship leaders have committed their lives to hireling God's message of peace, hope, joy, deliverance...all through the ministry of Song.    You will be blessed and ushered behind the veil by our team of dynamic and anointed musicians and they play skillfully and prophetically to the Glory of God.

Illustrates the Word of God through dance, drama, and other fine arts.  Gives special performances during holiday and other festive celebrations. 





Parents Auxiliary Living Single (PALS)

Our mission is to provide support, assistance and to be a resource to parents for a better quality of life, i.e. spiritually, emotionally and economically.

We also provide a practical source of support to encourage and motivate single parents to raise well-rounded, confident, successful children.

     I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.


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